For The People


Lower your health care costs and prescription drug prices

No American should ever have to break the bank to pay for lifesaving care. But today, too many Americans are forced to make the choice between paying their bills or buying their pills. Democrats will fight to bring down health care costs and lower prescription drug prices by holding insurance and drug companies accountable while strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Our country and our economy are stronger and healthier when every American has access to quality, affordable health care.

Increase your pay through strong economic growth and by rebuilding America

Here in America, we should reward honest, hard work with jobs that pay enough to get ahead and support the freedom of workers to join together to negotiate better workplaces through strong unions. But right now, too many jobs don’t pay enough to allow hardworking Americans to build a good life or save for a secure retirement. Democrats will invest in innovation industries like clean energy and build economic infrastructure like roads, bridges and ports to help our economy grow and create good-paying jobs. Because when working families earn more, our economy works better for everyone.

Clean up corruption to make Washington work for you

Every American should have an equal say in our government, but the dysfunctional political system in DC allows greedy special interest lobbyists to rig the rules at the expense of the people. Democrats will clean up the culture of corruption in Washington and break the stranglehold on our democracy by big corporations and wealthy campaign donors. We will restore dignity to our democracy and give power back to the people—because our leaders should be focused on making sure our government works for everyone.